Friday, 17 January 2014

Expensive Manuka UMF honey

We had a comment from a prospective customer that our honey is expensive, we have replied as follows:

Hello Markus, I agree that our Manuka honey is expensive, all genuine Manuka UMF honey is expensive.

However ours is authentic and I personally know the producers of this honey and have been purchasing this honey for over a decade from them.

To get an accurate benchmark on prices I suggest that you check the website Comvita NZ who are the largest producer and supplier of genuine Manuka UMF honey in the world with sales of over $100M last year.

They are also offering a discount this week, their prices are normally higher than ours and you have to pay for shipping where we have free shipping world-wide so you might make a small saving there.

The most important factor is the integrity of the product and the supplier, unfortunately there is a lot of honey currently labeled as Manuka UMF and Active which is fake, or overstated in its certification.

One example is Honey currently listed on Amazon as MGO400 the description suggests that this is the equivalent of "the old UMF20+", scientific comparisons of the relationship between UMF and MGO classification of the antimicrobial effectiveness of Manuka honey confirm the MGO400 is actually the approximate equivalent of UMF12+, definitely well below UMF20+ as claimed and this would reflect the difference in price.

If it really was equal to UMF20+ don't you think they would be selling it for UMF20+ price as dictated by the world demand.

Finally I suggest that you also read the following article reprinted from an investigation by the UK BBC about the problems in the Manuka honey market:

In the meantime, we continue to provide Manuka UMF honey that is certified, authentic and which will pass any and every test that can be applied proving it is the genuine article.

Like anything in this world, you get what you pay for.
Bill Gluyas.

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