Saturday, 31 August 2013

Yeast infection natural remedy

Yeast infections, thrush or Candida Albicans are one of the most common infections that women (and some men) experience, often occurring repeatedly during their lifetime.

Today as people become more aware of the potential hazards and side effects of pharmaceutical drugs there has been a noticeable increase in demand for natural products to treat this age-old problem suffered by more than 60% of women in the world.

Causes for the high incidence of yeast infections can be courses of antibiotics, pregnancy and oral contraceptives which alter the chemistry of the subject.

A well proven natural yeast infection remedy is Manuka essential oil either diluted in a carrier oil, a cream or soap containing as little as 5% East Cape Manuka essential oil.

Thrush treatment can be achieved simply by coating a tampon with Manuka cream and inserting it overnight, washing the area with Manuka soap and douching with warm water containing a few drops of Manuka oil.

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