Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Medicinal uses of Manuka honey

Manuka honey particularly Manuka honey with a high level of UMF or Unique Manuka Factor is now well accepted by the medical community as a legitimate and highly effective treatment for bacterial infection in wounds and burns.

More recently studies into the effectiveness of Manuka honey have extended to internal infections of the stomach where helicobacter pilori infection has led to the development of stomach ulcers, its effectiveness against plaque on teeth, gum infection and halitosis.

In each case outstanding results have been reported.

Manuka UMF honey is certified and graded according to the level of Unique Manuka Factor present in samples of Manuka honey.

The level of UMF in this honey which is only produced in New Zealand appears to be related to the concentration of Manuka flowers available to the honey bees.

Where the floral source is restricted to Manuka flowers the UMF levels in the collected honey are higher than when other flowers are available to the bees.

One of the areas of New Zealand where the dominant species is Manuka is in the East Cape region of the North Island.

Here, large areas of native forest were cleared in the early days of settlement for farming of sheep and cattle. Subsequently large areas of farmland have reverted to Manuka species which is now intensely populated with beehives bringing this valuable resource of Manuka UMF honey to the world.

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  1. manuka honey is a miracle cure from God.