Monday, 26 August 2013

Fake Manuka honey found in UK

The London Sunday Times reports that Manuka honey is under the spotlight for fraudulent activity with several cases of honey labelled as Manuka honey having been found to have come from other floral sources.

The UK Food Standards Agency has issued a nationwide alert to trading standards departments in Britain asking them to be on the look out for honey fraudulently labelled as Manuka honey.

Genuine Manuka honey particularly Manuka UMF honey which is certified as having non peroxide antibacterial properties is in very high demand and carries high international prices.

Unscrupulous honey producers and packers in UK China and Singapore have been found to be labelling other honey as Manuka honey in order to realise high returns.

The annual production of genuine Manuka honey is approx. 1700 tonnes whereas the worldwide sales of honey labelled as Manuka are believed to be in excess of 10,000 tonnes.

Therefore it is in the consumers best interests to purchase only Manuka honey which has been produced and packed in New Zealand.

New Zealand has very strict control and certification of Manuka honey and fraudulent representation is severely punished by the Commerce Commission.

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