Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Natural Acne Treatment popular

We have been selling a lot of our Natural Acne treatment packs lately, we are not sure if there is an Acne "season" or not, nevertheless lots of people are ordering at present.

Manuka products are an excellent way to treat Acne naturally as both Manuka essential oil and Manuka honey are highly antibacterial.

Research studies from the University of Otago in New Zealand have proven that Manuka essential oil will control the Acne Vulgaris bacteria at very low concentrations. This means that you can use a very small amount on a cotton bud to spot treat individual acne spots or pimples.

The Manuka honey cream in our Acne treatment pack has a high concentration of Manuka UMF honey which is also an effective natural antibacterial treatment for Acne, so these products combined with a special soap which also contains Manuka oil with Lemon Myrtle oil provide a complete regimen for controlling acne in a totally natural way:


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