Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bee venom mask does more than reduce fine lines

Recent reports from people who have been using the Bee Venom Mask, moisturizer and cream are telling us that these products are doing a lot more than reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

That the bee venom face creams and masks do reduce fine lines and wrinkles is expected, what was not expected is that the bee venom appears to be making a very positive effect on acne scars which have been greatly reduced with the use of the bee venom mask.

Acne scars that we are told had been present since teenage years are definitely improving and in some cases disappearing completely. The bee venom appears to be having the effect of stimulating blood circulation and elastin production which is helping the skin to heal itself.

Another positive reaction is the disappearance of a dark brown mark that one woman had on her forehead, we don't know if it was an age mark that is common in some older people, or just a mark that had developed over time, anyway this customer was delighted with her experience in using the bee venom mask.

Others have said that while they still do have wrinkles, they are not as prominent as before using the bee venom and that their whole complexion had improved from its' use.

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