Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Eczema - Are we too clean for our own good?

Recent studies suggest that if our bodies are too clean we lack the essential oils to lubricate our skin which can lead to conditions eczema and dermatitis.
Dr Sanjiv Nichani, head of children's services at Nuffield Hospital, Leicester, in UK says the number of cases of patients suffering from allergies and eczema, has "exploded" in western countries, compared with eastern countries.
He said: "One reason may be that we live in a relatively sterile environment which triggers certain cells in the immune system which veer towards causing allergies.
One way to prevent eczema developing is to apply emollients or moisturisers and the best time to apply them is after a bath when the skin is soft and absorbent.

Dr. Nichani says that moisturisers which are 'fatty' or thick are best because they allow better penetration and stay on the skin longer.

People looking for natural moisturisers who don't want to resort to steroid creams should try creams containing Manuka honey as this is both antimicrobial and it penetrates well into the skin.

One cream which has achieved excellent results is Manuka UMF honey cream containing 30% pure Manuka UMF 15+ honey as well as other natural oils and waxes renowned for their skin calming properties. People who have used this cream for themselves or their children have been delighted with the effectiveness both in healing the skin and calming the itch.

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