Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bee Venom mask popular in Canada

For some unknown reason Canadians are buying Manuka Natural Bee Venom mask and moisturisers in unprecedented numbers.

Do Canadians know something that other nationalities don't?

Bee Venom in a cream, mask or moisturizer formulated with New Zealand Manuka honey are very popular and receiving acclaim around the world and the word has been well spread across Canada, even more than USA.

Bee Venom creams are also selling well in UK, Western Europe and Australia with Asian countries not as well represented at present.

Bee Venom from Manuka Natural in New Zealand is available in glass pots for the Mask and Moisturizer, and in an airless pump applicator for a cream also referred to as Beetox Cream for its Botox imitating effect without the pain or needles.

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