Saturday, 16 June 2012

Athletes foot question

I’ve increased my running activity lately; as well as other sports. I’ve never had a case of athletes foot before. After a run and a trip to the market one day, I began to feel a burning feeling on my right foot. I removed my sneaker to find some peeling. After reading your article that wearing sneakers without socks can cause for a case of athletes foot, I’ve picked up some light socks for running today. The itching was so intense after yesterday’s run, my drive back home, I was moving my toes around in the shoes. Also, I’ve been wearing the same running shoe every day. Is there anything else I should do? - This from a customer email.

Yes you should immediately apply Manuka oil between and around your toes and cream to the rest of your feet.
We recommend using the complete Athletes Foot treatment pack which also includes Manuka soap.

You should wash your running shoes, and dry them thoroughly before wearing them again.

Athletes foot fungus spoors will survive in damp running shoes for long periods and the only way to get rid of it is to wash and dry well, you could also dry the insides with a hair drier as the heat will help to get rid of Athletes foot.

After that make sure you wear socks and wash them every day.

Apply Manuka oil to your toes daily until symptoms of itchiness stop.

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