Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sleeping with your dog can cause serious health problems

Reports state that half of pet owners sleep with their dogs. But experts say, having a dog cuddle in bed with you can make you very sick.

Dr. Lynn Proctor from Banfield, a pet hospital in Willoughby, Ohio said if you don't watch closely, you can put yourself at risk. She believes in preventative health care for your pet, so they and you aren't ever at risk for sickness.

"If you pet the animal, and go somewhere outside, you must wash your hands. Keep your house clean and wash your bed sheets every couple of days,” Proctor said.

Some local primary care doctors said they are seeing more pet-related illnesses like ringworm in their patients lately. Some even said they believe it could be from that close contact in bed. They are treating everything from fleas, to worms to meningitis, according to some experts.

Now, with the weather breaking and such a mild winter we've had, fleas and ticks are a problem, too. Tick bites can lead to Lyme disease, which can cause everything from flu-like symptoms to paralysis.

Certain internal parasites like tapeworms can be passed on to humans and the consequences can be serious.

If you notice your pet has some hair loss formed into a patch on their coat, that's a sign of ringworm. Ringworm is another illness that is easily passed on to people. Ringworm is a fungus and it's contagious so you or your children can definitely catch it from both dogs and cats.

Treatment options for Ringworm are available for both humans and pets. A natural ringworm solution that can be used on both dogs and humans is a formula containing New Zealand Manuka essential oil in both an oil, cream and soap. These products should be used together both as a treatment and prevention of further ringworm outbreaks.

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