Thursday, 17 May 2012

Scabies closes schools

Outbreaks of the scabies mite has closed a school in Buffalo NY as a precaution as several children have contracted the tiny parasite.
Health officials have warned that people need to be vigilant to make sure that this contagious condition does not become widespread in the community.
On the World Health Organisation's website, they list the principal sign of the infestation as a pimple-like rash that is most commonly found on the hands, especially the webbing between the fingers, the skin folds of the wrist, elbow or knee, the penis, the breast or the shoulder. Infestation often causes intense itching all over the body, especially at night.
Another case of scabies has been confirmed at Mort Elementary School in Tampa Fl.
Although there are a number of scabies treatment products on the market, the problem has become more serious as there are now strains of scabies mites that have developed resistance to many of the chemical treatments including Lyclear, malathion, permethrin and ivermectin.
Scientists studying scabies treatments in Australia have discovered that there are natural treatments that are available which are effective against resistant strains of scabies.
One such natural treatment is a formula containing Tea Tree and New Zealand Manuka essential oils in both an oil product and in a cream base.
Both of these products and a soap containing Manuka oil are recommended in a natural scabies treatment kit supplied by Manuka Natural a New Zealand company specialising in natural products.

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