Monday, 21 May 2012

Manuka honey UMF 20+ in short supply

One of the highest grades of Manuka honey carrying the UMF 20+ certification has been sold out across New Zealand for over 6 months due to the exceptional demand for this product around the world.

However, despite a poor production season due to poor weather during flowering there will be more Manuka UMF 20+ available again soon.

In the meantime there are still adequate stocks of UMF 18+ which has almost the same level of antimicrobial activity as UMF 20+ Manuka honey.
It should be remembered that when a batch of Manuka honey is tested for certification, the UMF number applied to it is a minimum, it could well be higher than that stated on the label.
Unlike many other products, Manuka honey's antimicrobial activity appears to improve with age, so a batch of honey tested at UMF18+ could well become UMF 20+ within a year of processing.

So the message is not to be to alarmed if the best you can order at present only has a rating of UMF 18+, it could well be higher than that by the time you receive it.

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