Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Incidence of nail fungus growing

According to Dr. Alexander Fish a Manhattan podiatrist, nail fungus can affect anyone at any time and has become more common than once thought.
Nail fungus spores are everywhere and very common in gymnasiums, pools and spas, anywhere where there is dampness and warmth.
Recent exposure of a lack of hygiene at certain nail clinics has highlighted the need to be careful where you get your nails done. Clinicians should always wear gloves and surfaces and instruments should be sterilised between patients or customers.
One way that people can prevent nail fungus infection is to periodically apply a light application of New Zealand Manuka oil to their fingertips and toenail tips and massaging the oil into the end of the nail.
NZ Manuka essential oil has been proven in scientific in-vitro studies to eliminate the fungus at very low concentrations and without any side effects.
Manuka oil has quite a woody aroma and can be diluted with olive oil.
Alternatively Manuka oil is also formulated in a cream which can be applied to areas prone to nail or skin fungus

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