Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bee venom mask popular

Bee venom mask, moisturisers and creams continue to gain ground in the natural beauty market as more people hear about their success.
Initially English Royalty and a number of high profile celebrity film stars publicised the use of bee venom creams and masks to reduce the visible signs of ageing by reducing the facial fine lines and wrinkles.
These bee venom products have been referred to as a natural form of Botox, colloquially called Beetox.

Three different bee venom products are available to suit individual requirements

The great advantage of bee venom in a cream or mask is that it can be applied by the individual without painful or invasive needles or surgery.

The predominant response from users of bee venom masks and moisturisers is that they have seen positive results not only to their fine lines, but also to their general complexion which has drawn admiring comment from friends and colleagues.

Another advantage of bee venom in a cream is that the cost is low, it can be applied at home and no-one needs to know that the user is indulging their skin in this youthful enhancement.

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