Sunday, 22 April 2012

Yeast infection causes

In the last posting we referred to the most common causes of yeast infection and a leading one of these is a high sugar intake that feeds the yeast infection.
Yeast infection can also result from low levels of acidophilus which usually counteracts the sugars in the body, so taking acidophilus yoghurt will help to lower the available sugars.
Antibiotics is another contributing factor to yeast infection, women in particular can be affected when taking antibiotics for any bacterial infection, ironically taking antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis can lead to a vaginal yeast infection.
This can become a vicious circle with a treatment for one infection becoming a leading cause of another.
To break the circle it requires a treatment that can control both bacterial and yeast infections at the same time.
One such yeast infection treatment which will also prevent the development of bacterial vaginosis is New Zealand Manuka oil in a cream, oil and soap formulation. This natural yeast infection treatment has been highly successful for women who have suffered from one or other or both of these very unpleasant infections.

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