Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Home remedies for ringworm

For some reason a lot of people seem to think that there could be something in their pantry or laundry that could treat common infections.
Ringworm is one example where we hear of some quite wierd ideas about what can be used as a home remedy.
A popular ringworm home remedy is bleach, (we have also seen this recommended to treat scabies), however it should not be used for two reasons, the first is that bleach, most commonly chlorine, does not kill fungus spores unless it is used in concentrated form, secondly if it is strong enough to kill the ringworm fungus, it will cause severe burns to the skin.
Another ringworm home remedy that is seen on forums is garlic, which is also largely ineffective treating ringworm and can cause chemical burns and long term scarring.
There are many people who prefer to use a natural remedy for ringworm because of concerns about using over the counter ringworm treatments that are chemical based and for good reason, some can cause side effects.
People looking for a proven natural ringworm treatment, should consider one containing the essential oil of the New Zealand Manuka tree, this natural extract has been widely tested and found to be just as effective as any man-made chemical based treatment. A strategy of using cream oil and soap formulas containing Manuka oil are a safe and effective ringworm treatment

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