Sunday, 25 March 2012

Is your pet making you sick?

Dogs are well documented carriers of Ringworm and cats also carry this fungus which can easily be passed to humans.
This ability to transfer disease from animals to humans and vice-versa called zoonotic disease, and Ringworm is zoonotic.
So you need to make sure that your pets are not carriers of Ringworm, it is not enough that they do not display obvious symptoms, they can sometimes have Ringworm without showing signs of it.
If you see any circular bare patches on your dog or cat it pays to have it checked. A vet will use a Woods test which is a black light (ultraviolet) which will show up Ringworm as a luminous glow and this will need to be treated.
The good news is that Ringworm is simple to treat with a natural ringworm treatment pack consisting of oil, cream and soap containing the essential oil of the New Zealand Manuka bush.
This natural ingredient has undergone considerable scientific testing and been found to be just as effective as over the counter ringworm treatments without any side effects.

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