Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bee Venom Mask Reviews

We recently surveyed some of our customers who had purchased our Bee Venom Mask and Bee Venom Moisturizer and asked them what they thought of the products and our service.
Here is a sample of their responses:

"Hi Bill
I have just ordered some more of your product, so I guess this means I like it!
My skin feels great and looks healthy, I enjoy using the products.
Your service, great! (products also very well packed, not damaged in any way, thanks)
Have a great week"

"It is nice and moisturising - I prefer the mask to the cream and will buy it again - RH"

Hi Bill,
"Many thanks for your follow-up email.  I am still in the middle of using both products as I alternate between different products every day.  People have been commenting on my skin lately and I do feel it's very clear.  I want to keep using though, for another while, before I give my final verdict and decide whether to buy again.

I don't actually take it off after the recommended time but leave it on overnight.  I also alternate between the face mask and the face cream.

With regards to the service, it was exceptional!  Very easy to purchase the products, kept up to date on status and then obviously, this follow-up.  The only improvement I could see you making is giving an estimated delivery date when you confirm shipment.  I wasn't sure how long it was going to take to get here and was nicely surprised to receive it very quickly.  I would have liked to have know that in advance.
Hope this helps",



"I love it and will be purchasing more soon.
Thank you",
We will post more reviews as they come in, so far everyone who has tried these creams has been very pleased with the results.

We also have a new one which comes in an attractive pump called Bee Venom Cream which can be used as either a mask or moisturizer or both. Early indications are that this one is also proving to be very popular.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Ringworm treatment

According to Google search results ringworm fungus infections are very common at present and the numbers of searches for Ringworm treatments have been increasing for some time.

This may be a result of the ringworm infections becoming more widespread or simply that more people are looking for on-line advice and solutions to this common problem.

What is known is that ringworm is easily treatable with effective products and that there is no need to resort to using chemicals or drugs to treat it.

Many home remedies have been suggested such as vinegar, vicks vapourub, baking soda etc. however in order to get rid of this skin fungus permanently it will be necessary to use a proven antifungal treatment.

One of the most successful treatment options is a natural one in the form of essential oil from the New Zealand Manuka plant species.

Scientific studies show that Manuka oil is 5-10 times more effective than Tea Tree oil, (also a common natural remedy) and that Manuka oil is much more easily tolerated on the skin than Tea Tree oil.
Manuka oil comes in a convenient ringworm treatment pack comprising soap, skin cream and manuka oil in two concentrations.

Application is simple, just apply the oil directly to the immediate areas affected by ringworm with a cotton bud and surrounding areas with cream, washing daily with the soap and all signs of ringworm infection should disappear within a couple of weeks.