Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Are doctors to blame for the continuing scabies epidemic?

I think doctors are at least partly to blame for the continuing problem of scabies infestations in communities because they keep prescribing ineffective treatments which only makes eradication more prolonged.
When doctors prescribe drugs with active ingredients lindane, crotamiton, benzyl benzoate, permethrin and oral ivermectin sold under various trade names they are recommending an ineffective product which does not kill the scabies mites or their eggs.

This is because it is well established that the scabies mites have developed resistance to these drugs.
What this means is that while some of the mites may die as a result of these products, many more will survive and breed a new generation of mites that are not affected by these drugs.

Doctors tend to recommend conventional treatments because this is what many of their patients expect.

However it is now time for doctors to look at research which demonstrates that new acaricides need to be prescribed to effectively combat the growing resistance of scabies to conventional treatments which are clearly no longer effective.

One such new treatment identified by Australian and Japanese research is a Tea Tree and Manuka essential oil formula in the form of a cream and rubbing oil. Manuka oil is also available in a soap, and the combined application of these products in a natural scabies treatment pack have been shown to be highly effective in controlling the spread of this difficult human parasite.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bee venom cream

A very nice new addition to our range of bee venom beauty masks and moisturisers is the Honey Collection Natural Beetox Cream.
This cream can be used as either a mask or moisturizer or both depending on how the user applies it.
If applied thinly this bee venom cream is able to be applied under makeup and worn all day or if applied more heavily can be used as an invigorating mask and removed with manuka honey facial cleanser after 30 minutes.
This new cream has a wonderful aroma reflecting its natural ingredients which include manuka UMF honey as a proven moisturising and natural antibacterial ingredient.
Natural Beetox comes in a very attractive pump applicator which is convenient for carrying in purse or handbag, keeping the cream fresh and free of contamination.