Sunday, 18 December 2011

Manuka honey for Acne

Recently reports have highlighted an increase in interest in Manuka honey to treat Acne.

We have had a lot of success with our Acne treatment pack which contains Manuka essential oil, a special cream containing high quality Manuka UMF honey and Manuka soap.
These products can be used daily with the oil to treat individual spots and the honey cream to apply thinly all over the face. The Manuka soap is an excellent gentle soap which is naturally antibacterial so this also helps to reduce the acne bacteria.

We recently had an email from a UK customer who ordered pure Manuka UMF honey. She told us that her daughter had suffered chronic acne and that all other treatments she had tried had not been successful.

She said that she had applied the pure honey to her daughters face at night and said that the results were truly remarkable in reducing the acne so effectively.
We think that using pure honey would leave a sticky residue, (although a lot would also be absorbed into the skin), the reason we developed the cream containing Manuka honey which is not sticky.

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