Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ringworm and Scabies reported at Occupy Camp

"Santa Cruz Police even heard rumors about infectious diseases like ringworm, scabies, and tuberculosis going around the campsite"

Ringworm and scabies infections and infestations are quite possible where people are living closely in substandard conditions and sharing personal  hygiene equipment.

It is very important not to share towels, toiletries, hairbrushes etc. in campsite conditions like these. Many of the protestors are likely to have come from poor locations where sanitary conditions are sub-standard contributing to the risk of cross-infection of Scabies and Ringworm.

To prevent the spread of these diseases and parasites it is important to take preventative steps by applying a repellant or protection product.

Natural protection can be provided for both ringworm and scabies by applying a quality cream containing manuka and or tea tree essential oils.
These products will protect the skin from parasites and fungal infection with a simple daily application.

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