Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Scabies Treatment Pack

We have just introduced a new Scabies Treatment pack to our store. Previously we provided Manuka soap, Manuka and Tea Tree oil, Manuka and Tea Tree cream and Pure Manuka oil in a comprehensive natural Scabies treatment pack.

The inclusion of the pure Manuka oil is to treat clothing, sheets and towels in the wash, however this product will not be necessary if people are able to wash these items in a hot wash and follow the hot wash with 30 minutes in a clothes drier on hot setting.

By eliminating the pure Manuka oil from the Natural Scabies Treatment Advanced product pack allows us to reduce the price considerably and to make these effective products more affordable for families treating scabies infestations.

It has become apparent from news items that the incidence of scabies infestation is growing largely due to increased levels of drug resistant scabies.

Scientists in Australia have discovered that the natural Manuka and Tea Tree products contained in our Natural Scabies Treatment are an effective alternative to over the counter scabies treatments.

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