Monday, 17 October 2011

Manuka and Kiwifruit honey

Another exciting addition to our New Zealand honey range is Manuka and Kiwifruit honey.

This new honey has a fantastic taste of New Zealand Kiwifruit in combination with Manuka honey.

To produce this Manuka and Kiwifruit honey, Kiwifruit are freeze-dried, powdered and added to Organic Active 5+ Manuka honey at the rate of 5% dried Kiwifruit to 95% Manuka honey.

There are no additives, no preservatives, this is just dried Kiwifruit and Organically produced Active Manuka Honey.

This honey has to be tasted to be believed.

Effectively one whole Kiwifruit is added to each 250 gm of Manuka honey.

For internal health the benefits of the added Kiwifruit are important as Kiwifruit promote bowel health, so combined with the already acclaimed Manuka honey for intestinal health the addition Kiwifruit powder makes this a complete product.

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