Monday, 19 September 2011

Bee Venom Mask in store now!

Great news we have finally received the Manuka honey Bee Venom Mask cream that we have anticipated for over two months!
This product is walking off the shelves and we had a huge response of people searching for it over the weekend after they had seen the bee venom mask featured on the TV show Dr. Oz in USA.

This natural cream is what has reportedly taken years off Camilla Parker-Bowles appearance and she was apparently the one who recommended it to Princess Catherine before her wedding. Certainly it has achieved huge popularity since then with many notable celebrities queuing up to buy it or have it applied for them in beauty salons around the world.

A report states that 1000 jars were sent to Dubai in just one order!

We now have the bee venom mask and a brand new bee venom moisturizer in stock today.
This product that women (and a surprising number of men) have been looking for for years, it has the effect of botox without either the high cost, the painful needles or the possible side effects, let alone surgery which can run to tens of thousands of dollars.

Bee Venom is a simple anti-aging solution that you can apply yourself at home and no-one need know that you are using it, just soak up the compliments!

Bee venom mask and moisturiser works by fooling the skin into thinking it has been stung when all you fell is a slight tingling sensation which stimulates the blood circulation and brings more collagen and elastin to the surfact of your skin, filling the wrinkles and fine lines.

It won't happen overnight as they say, but it will happen with regular application.

You can order your Bee Venom Mask or Moisturizer here right now.

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