Monday, 1 August 2011

Scabies treatment

I was recently diagnosed with scabies. I have done two treatments of 5% Permethrin cream, 1 week between the two treatments. It took doctors 8 weeks before they finally determined I had scabies. As you can imagine, I was covered with spots by this time. I have spots EVERYWHERE on my body. The itching was so out of control that I scratched the spots but now I am left with a lot of scabed over red spots. I am trying to find something, anything that will heal the scabs and just make them go away faster. I have read that Bio-oil helps but I've been using it and it doesn't seem to be helping. Does anyone know of anything I can use to help speed up the process of healing these spots/scabs? I haven't left my house in weeks because of this and I'm becoming very depressed. I don't want to go near anyone because of the embarrisment of how I look. Please help.- Yahoo Answers
 We have a natural Scabies Treatment Pack which has been totally successful for everyone who has ordered it. Not only does this treatment eliminate the scabies mites and their eggs, it also stops bacteria from infecting the scratched areas, AND it will calm the itch which initiates the scratching.
Scabies treatment failures with Permethrin are common because scabies mites have now developed resistant strains to several chemical drugs including malathion and lindane.
We have had nothing but praise for the manuka and tea tree products in this pack.

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