Sunday, 14 August 2011

How to treat persistent Athletes foot infection

I work on a construction site, so my feet are in steel-toed leather construction boots for about ten hours a day, five days a week. After a hard day's work, when I come home, my feet are hot, wet, sweaty, and itchy. I am pretty sure I have athlete's foot.
I have tried the usual creams they sell in the pharmacies for athlete's foot: Canesten, Tinactin, Micatin, etc. I hate squeezing those small tubes (like toothpaste tubes) and rubbing the cream over parts of my foot.
So far, these creams have not been a permanent solution.
And how do you know you've covered all the necessary area of your foot, so that the bacteria doesn't come back and re-infect your foot with the athlete's foot bacteria, or whatever it is?
So now I am wondering, are there any other treatments for athlete's foot? I think I'd like a solution I could just soak my whole foot in every evening. Is something like that available? That way, I think I'd cover my whole foot by soaking them in a bucket or something. And it would be a lot more comfortable than smearing cream on myself.
Firstly, athletes foot is a fungus, not a bacteria, however as the fungus infects the area, skin dead skin tissue will be broken down by bacteria and this is what causes the characteristic smell.

A simple and effective natural solution is essential oil, cream and soap containing NZ Manuka oil. These products have been proven in trials and have never failed to work on Athletes foot infections

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