Monday, 15 August 2011

Candida home remedies

The treatment of fungal infections Vaginal yeast infections and infections of the vulva are usually treated with antifungal medications that can be applied in or around the vagina or orally by mouth. The classic prescription of these infections include butoconazole, also known as Femstat 3, clotrimazole, also known as Lotrimin, Miconazole, also known as Monistat, and terconazole, also known as Terazol 3. The best way to manage these compounds is through the direct application of a pessary or cream to the affected area. Oral medications tend to have rather a lot of side effects. Over-the-counter treatments are a common choice that many women used to treat vaginal infections. Canesten cream is perhaps the best known fungal infection of the genital area.
Natural remedies for candidiasis: Candidiasis can be cured with a series of remedies, some of which are:
1. You can use aromatherapy to cure an infection caused by Candida. You can use tea tree essential oil or cinnamon bark to cure candidiasis. These oils usually work in the cell membrane of the infectious yeast cells and expose the cell contents to the harsh environmental conditions, making it difficult for organisms to survive.
2. You can use peppermint oil as an infusion to cure an infection caused by Candida.
3. You can also apply rosemary oil in the affected areas because of their anti-fungal properties.
4. Olive leaves have antimicrobial properties. Therefore, an extract of olive leaves can be applied in parts of the body affected by candida.
5. You can also apply Aloe Vera gel in the affected areas to relieve the symptoms of candidiasis.
6. You should eat raw garlic every day or use it in culinary preparations such as garlic has anti-fungal action. You can also apply the freshly extracted juice of garlic in the affected areas to treat candida infection. -
All of these natural treatments have their advocates, however possibly the best and most effective natural Candida remedy is the essential oil, cream and soap containing the New Zealand Manuka plant extracts.
This essential oil has been shown in scientific studies to be more effective and at lower concentrations than tea tree oil, Manuka oil also causes less sensitization to mucous membranes than tea tree oil.

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