Thursday, 25 August 2011

Benefits of Velvet Antler

Dr. Betty Kamen Addresses Arthritis and Velvet Antler
When I lecture and list the benefits of velvet, two areas elicit great enthusiam from my audiences. The first is its anti-aging properties. The second is arthritis relief, perhaps each for the very same reason:
"Other evils can mend, but age and arthritis get worse every day."
In 1999, the chondrotin sulfate and collagen type II in velvet antler were scientifically substaniated by research and clinical studies, in compliance with FDA regulations "to support healthy joint structure and function."
This means that velvet antler has received the green light to be marketed as a dietary supplement for the nutritional support of the very body parts that malfunction in the presence of arthritis: your joints.
Velvet Antler tablets are made in New Zealand and shipped world-wide.

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