Thursday, 14 July 2011

What To Look For In Eczema Cream

There are a lot of creams that you can choose from. If you want to prevent those small flare ups in your skin then you should try using emollients. Emollients are creams that are much thicker and denser than ordinary creams which are very effective in adding up water and moisture on your skin because of its strong formulation. You can also go for baby eczema creams if you want a lighter treatment. You can also use body butter creams which are also dense and thick which can be a perfect alternative for emollients.
Despite the known effectiveness of mild steroidal eczema creams in treating major eczema flare ups in the skin. Its usage must be controlled because abusing it will only lead to some undesirable side effects. This type of cream will go well with other eczema creams and will intensify the effects but be sure to do some research or consult your doctor for proper usage instructions. -
The cream that we have had a huge amount of success with in treating and relieving the symptoms of eczema is Manuka UMF honey cream. This natural cream contains 30% Manuka honey UMF 15+ and as many of you will know Manuka honey has been proven in medical trials to halt the growth of a wide range of bacteria, this factor and the very strong moistirizing properties of Manuka honey make it an ideal ingredient in the treatment of eczema.
In addition to Manuka honey this cream also contains natural plant extracts which help to calm the skin and relieve the itching and desire to scratch the area. Other ingredients include calendula, chamomile, jojoba, macadamia oils. This is a wonderful product which has helped thousands of eczema sufferers around the world  

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