Friday, 1 July 2011

Scabies caught from dogs?

Scabies can be identified by the physical appearance of pimple-like irritations in certain areas of the body. The severe itching at night is also significant in identifying scabies.
Scabies; sometimes referred to as itch mite; affects both young and old people from any social class across the world. Scabies infestations can be found in people regardless of their level of cleanliness and personal hygiene.
The mites that cause scabies are usually transferred by direct skin to skin contact. This may include sexual or non sexual contact. It is also possible to transfer scabies through contaminated clothes and beddings and also from objects. Scabies spreads quickly and easily in crowded places where many people come into contact with one another. Cramped unhygienic living conditions also encourage the contamination and spread of the scabies mite.
The scabies mite is present in dogs and is easily spread to humans through the close contact and constant handling of the pets. -
The last paragraph in this quote is not correct, scabies is not caught from dogs, they can carry scabies however it is a different species of scabies and they will not transfer successfully to humans.

The other indications of scabies infestation are correct and it is important to treat scabies before they spread to the rest of the family.
A very successful natural remedy for treating scabies is one made in NZ containing both tea tree oil and NZ Manuka oil. This unique combination of these two natural essential oils in oil blends, cream and soap can be purchased as a complete scabies treatment pack

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