Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ringworm treatment

What will you do if you see red itchy patches in your physique? It might be a situation of ring worm infection. It may well sound bad, nonetheless it could be cured effortlessly with over-the-counter ringworm remedy.
Ringworm is really a typical skin infection caused by a fungus. The fungi feeds on the dead cells of skin and hair causing a ring of irritated itchy skin that looks like a worm. This might trigger a rash and becomes sore. It may possibly appear as scalp ring worm, body ringworm, face ring worm or groin ringworm.
Any person is susceptible to this contagious fungus infection. Ring worm is effortlessly transmitted by getting direct skin-to-skin contact with infected men and women and pets. It might spread indirectly also by way of objects like towels, clothes, hairbrushes and individual items of persons infected with it. -
Ringworm is very common in the summer months especially in warm and humid climates because the Ringworm fungus thrives in humidity, warmth, darkness and lack of oxygen, exactly the conditions that are present when wearing shoes and socks on a warm and humid day when your feet get sweaty, the same conditions can apply to the groin and underarm area.
So it is a good idea to get your feet out in the open when home from work, and at weekends, the same applies to the rest of the body, get as much air around susceptible areas as possible.

An excellent natural solution where ringworm or tinea fungus is present is NZ Manuka cream, oil and soap, these products have been proven in studies to control the ringworm fungus.

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