Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ringworm treatment options

Are you looking for proven tactics to eliminate ringworm fast and avoid making it worse in time? A huge number of sufferers with ringworm that is visible on their body are needing to get an effective, fast treatment option. The problem with ringworm treatment on the market is that it contains dangerous and harsh compounds that effect people differently. One of the sad issues and concerns with tablets and lotions is that it ringworm will grow tolerance and immunity against the drugs that are made to kill it. A great way to get rid of ringworm effectively is to look for natural remedies and treatment options. -
A very successful natural ringworm treatment that can easily be applied at home is the proven NZ Manuka oil and cream formulations including diluted manuka oil, east cape manuka cream and manuka soap.
Together these natural products will control a ringworm infection quickly and safely without the need to use chemical treatments

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