Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Natural treatment for Plantar Warts

How are Plantar Warts Contracted?
Do you ever feel like you are walking with a rock in your shoe? Does it hurt when you put weight on one of your feet? Warts that grow on your feet and hands grow inward instead of outward. A plantar wart is flat, has tiny dots on the inside, and is light in complexion, One or more plantar warts can grow at a time. Many plantar warts do not cause irritation, but some are quite painful.

Plantar wartsare caused by a virus that enters through cuts or scratches on the skin. Viruses thrive in warm we places like licker rooms and pool areas. Wearing sandals when possible will lower the risk of contraction. Usually, plantar warts will go away on their own, If plantar warts are not too painful, the best treatment is to not do anything.

If discomfort from plantar warts becomes too unmanageable, there are treatments. Salicyllic acid on the skin surface has proven successful at removing the ugly and sometimes painful wart. The salicylic acid is available in pharmacies. Salicyllic acid works by dissolving the callus that has developed over the wart, exposing the virus, and destroying it.
During treatment, apply the acid over the wart at night, and rub the softened callus off in the morning. In the daytime, put a circle shaped Band-Aid over the affected area for protection. If you have a vascular disease or are a diabetic, do not use this acid. http://thelittleuglybottle.com/plantar-foot-warts.
Another excellent product for treating plantar warts is NZ East Cape Manuka oil. This natural essential oil is both antiviral which will get rid of the warts, it is also antifungal, (several times more effective than tea tree oil) and antibacterial.
A lot of people have fungus infections between the toes accompanied by a strong smell and Manuka oil will treat the fungus, often referred to as Athletes Foot, and also take care of the smell which is caused by bacteria breaking down the fungal infected skin tissue.
So you have one product that will treat plantar warts, athletes foot and the charastic smell all in one.

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