Monday, 4 July 2011

Causes of Ringworm

The causes of ringworm may be listed as follows:
1. Skin to skin contact
2. Contact with contaminated articles
3. Unwashed clothing
4. Transmission through pets
5. Prolonged wetness of skin
6. Injury to skin and scalp
7. Excessive sweating
8. Lack of protective fatty acids (in case of scalp). -
Or it can be a combination of the above. There are a number of supposed 'home remedies' for Ringworm, but it is far more successfully treated with a product that is proven in scientific analysis to be effective in treating ringworm.
It doesn't need to be a pharmaceutical product, there are natural remedies for ringworm one of the best is with New Zealand Manuka oil which has had extensive studies and proven to control ringworm infections.
Available as a treatment pack of oil, cream and soap, these natural products will get rid of your ringworm infection

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