Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ringworm treatment

What will you do if you see red itchy patches in your physique? It might be a situation of ring worm infection. It may well sound bad, nonetheless it could be cured effortlessly with over-the-counter ringworm remedy.
Ringworm is really a typical skin infection caused by a fungus. The fungi feeds on the dead cells of skin and hair causing a ring of irritated itchy skin that looks like a worm. This might trigger a rash and becomes sore. It may possibly appear as scalp ring worm, body ringworm, face ring worm or groin ringworm.
Any person is susceptible to this contagious fungus infection. Ring worm is effortlessly transmitted by getting direct skin-to-skin contact with infected men and women and pets. It might spread indirectly also by way of objects like towels, clothes, hairbrushes and individual items of persons infected with it. -
Ringworm is very common in the summer months especially in warm and humid climates because the Ringworm fungus thrives in humidity, warmth, darkness and lack of oxygen, exactly the conditions that are present when wearing shoes and socks on a warm and humid day when your feet get sweaty, the same conditions can apply to the groin and underarm area.
So it is a good idea to get your feet out in the open when home from work, and at weekends, the same applies to the rest of the body, get as much air around susceptible areas as possible.

An excellent natural solution where ringworm or tinea fungus is present is NZ Manuka cream, oil and soap, these products have been proven in studies to control the ringworm fungus.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Arthritis & Rheumatism

A recent study, published in Arthritis & Rheumatism, a journal issued by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), has revealed an unexpected correlation between smoking and arthroplasty (total joint replacement). Researchers have reported that people who never smoke seem to be at a higher risk of undergoing total joint replacement surgery compared to those who smoke. The study has also established a link between the physical state of a person and the risk of arthroplasty. Scientists have stated that people who are overweight or involved in intense physical activity are at a higher risk of undergoing total joint replacement surgery.
Previous studies have shown that in developed nations, total hip and knee replacement surgeries are among the most common elective surgeries performed.
Data from the 2007 National Hospital Discharge Survey shows that in America alone, an estimated 230,000 people had hip replacement surgery and 543,000 more, underwent knee replacements. The most commonly reported cause of arthroplasty was severe osteoarthritis (OA).
Quite a surprising study report, who would have expected that smoking could lessen the need for joint replacement.
The only conclusion I can draw from this is that those who smoke possibly excersize less, thus their joints don't get used as much!
Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Psoriasis and Eczema

The most prevalent autoimmune disease in the United States, psoriasis affects up to 7.5 million Americans and is thought to arise from a combination of genetic and environmental triggers, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. Eczema, on the other hand, is thought to be an allergic response and often occurs simultaneously in those with asthma or food allergies, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. It is often outgrown by adulthood.
Psoriasis lesions in the study participants contained large numbers of so-called Th1 and Th17 cells, whereas eczema lesions had higher amounts of Th2 and Th22 cells. The researchers expanded their testing to include five patients with psoriasis and skin allergies to nickel -- a much more common combination that prompts an eczema-like reaction -- to confirm a similar T-cell response to psoriasis.
The study also found that all eczema lesions, but none in psoriasis, harbored Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, confirming that T-cells in psoriasis appear to prompt an innate immune response that's different from what is seen in eczema.
 Dr. Jerry Bagel, a spokesman for the National Psoriasis Foundation and associate clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University in New York City, said the research indicates that eczema and psoriasis "are clearly distinct entities, but there is some crossover immunologically." -
 While there is no known cure for psoriasis, eczema can be treated successfully with a cream containing Manuka UMF honey this natural cream is able to control the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria which allows the eczema condition to heal naturally.
In addition to Manuka honey, this cream also contains natural extracts and oils reknowned for their skin calming properties which relieves the itching sensation and the desire to scratch the area, further enhancing the healing process.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lavender health tonic

While lavender is clearly a fragrant scent, research supports its health-boosting benefits as well.
"There are lots of different medicinal uses for lavender," says Dr. Michael D. Seidman, medical director of Henry Ford Health System's Center for Integrative Medicine in Northville.
"There is definitive evidence that it reduces anxiety, depression and insomnia. It helps stimulate appetite and relieves gas and migraines. And it can help soreness from arthritis."
There are also limited studies on animals showing that a substance in lavender, perillyl alcohol, kills some cancer cells, Seidman says.
It has been proven safe in human trials, but there hasn't been enough research to prove its effectiveness in fighting cancer.
Seidman advises people buying lavender for medicinal purposes to seek high-quality products that haven't been blended with lots of other ingredients. He suggests buying from small stores where sellers tend to know their products - Cassandra Spratling Detroit Free Press

Lavender oil is also an excellent treatment for burns.
We add lavender essential oil to several of our healing creams and oils containing Manuka oil and Manuka honey.
Lavender is known to calm the skin and is a very valuable ingredient in natural formulations used to treat eczema and dermatitis.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Scabies Contact

One οf thе mοѕt common symptoms οf scabies іѕ dry regions οf skin, whісh mау actually јυѕt bе a rash аnd nοt аn infestation. Thе mites wіll continue tο burrow аnd lay eggs іn уουr skin іf уου dο nοt seek treatment frοm a medical doctor tο ѕtοр іt. Aѕ thе mites burrow οr tunnel through уουr skin, уου wіll see thеіr trails јυѕt beneath thе upper epidermal layer. If аftеr bathing, οr waking up frοm a nap, уου аrе itching far worse thаn уου dіd before, уου more thаn lіkеlу hаνе thе mites. Children thаt аrе very young wіll unquestionably hаνе grеаt difficulty wіth thе intense irritation associated wіth аn infestation. Mοѕt medical conditions саn hаνе complications, аnd scabies’ infestation іѕ nο exception. Thе mοѕt prevalent symptom уου wіll experience іѕ severe itching thаt іѕ caused bу уουr body’s allergic reaction tο thе mites thаt hаνе burrowed under уουr skin. One unfortunate result οf thе intense itching іѕ thаt people саnnοt hеlр bυt scratch thе infestation аnd, аѕ a result, thеу develop skin sores. If thіѕ happens, іt’s very possible thаt bacteria wіll enter thе cuts аnd cause аn infection. Impetigo іѕ a type οf bacterial infection thаt саn happen іn a person wіth scabies аnd саn produce red, dry, scaly, irritated areas οf skin. Whеn thіѕ situation develops, thеn antibiotics wіll bе prescribed іn addition tο οthеr medications fοr thе scabies infestation. -
There are two reasons why the combination of Manuka and Tea Tree oils on creams, oils and soaps are so effective in treating scabies. Firstly, these natural products are proven to eliminate scabies mites, even scabies mites that are resistant to permethrin and malathion.
Secondly the antibacterial and antifungal properties of Manuka and Tea Tree oils will prevent further infection from scratching occuring.
Here is what one of our customers said:

"I wish we had found your website earlier. We have wasted a lot of money on drugstore scabies treatments that DO NOT WORK!
Your treatment products are first rate and completely cured our infection, not only that we have had no side effects at all.
There is a lot to be said for these natural products. You really need to get these products distributed here in USA.
Thanks again for making these fine products we will be telling others in the future."
Beth Francis, Fl, USA

Thursday, 14 July 2011

What To Look For In Eczema Cream

There are a lot of creams that you can choose from. If you want to prevent those small flare ups in your skin then you should try using emollients. Emollients are creams that are much thicker and denser than ordinary creams which are very effective in adding up water and moisture on your skin because of its strong formulation. You can also go for baby eczema creams if you want a lighter treatment. You can also use body butter creams which are also dense and thick which can be a perfect alternative for emollients.
Despite the known effectiveness of mild steroidal eczema creams in treating major eczema flare ups in the skin. Its usage must be controlled because abusing it will only lead to some undesirable side effects. This type of cream will go well with other eczema creams and will intensify the effects but be sure to do some research or consult your doctor for proper usage instructions. -
The cream that we have had a huge amount of success with in treating and relieving the symptoms of eczema is Manuka UMF honey cream. This natural cream contains 30% Manuka honey UMF 15+ and as many of you will know Manuka honey has been proven in medical trials to halt the growth of a wide range of bacteria, this factor and the very strong moistirizing properties of Manuka honey make it an ideal ingredient in the treatment of eczema.
In addition to Manuka honey this cream also contains natural plant extracts which help to calm the skin and relieve the itching and desire to scratch the area. Other ingredients include calendula, chamomile, jojoba, macadamia oils. This is a wonderful product which has helped thousands of eczema sufferers around the world  

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nuts and Yoghurt help weight loss

Harvard researchers published their findings June 23 in the New England Journal of Medicine.
What caught people’s attention was the fact that yogurt and nuts, not fruits and vegetables, were the two foods with the strongest relationship to weight loss. Let’s take a look at why that might be.
Dieting aside, yogurt has a lot going for it. It provides calcium and protein along with great flavor. With its creamy taste and higher protein content, Greek yogurt is my favorite.
Yogurt also contains probiotics, helpful bacteria that live in the colon and ease symptoms of antibiotic-associated diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and childhood eczema and can speed recovery from some intestinal infections.
Previous research has shown that there is a difference between the gut bacteria in lean and obese people, suggesting a cause-and-effect link. Yogurt has the right bacteria.
In the Harvard analysis, the greatest decrease in weight was associated with an increase in servings of nuts. The study did not distinguish by type, but all nuts are rich in fiber, phytonutrients, protein and antioxidants. Walnuts are especially high in omega 3 fatty acids, almonds are loaded with vitamin E and pistachios provide leutin and zeazanthin.
The protein and fiber in nuts increases feelings of satiety and delays gastric emptying — two actions that lead to eating less. This is not license to sit by the nut bowl and eat away. A 1-ounce serving of walnuts, which is about 14 halves, has 190 calories, 4 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber.
The key, as always, is portion control. Sprinkle walnuts on a salad, stir almonds into your oatmeal, coat tofu in pistachios or mix this trio of nuts into Greek yogurt. Go nuts — in moderation.
Sheah Rarback is a registered dietitian on the faculty of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Treating scabies

Effective scabies treatment should be ready to eliminate the mites in only several days. If employed appropriately, the scabies treatment must be in a position to eliminate the eggs and larvae at the same time. Nevertheless, although the infestation is definitely eliminated, the symptoms of scabies could remain for as long as a few days. Though the mites and larvae are destroyed by the scabies treatment, their bodies also remain burrowed within the skin, causing even more inflammation and rash. The scabies treatment ought to as a result contain nearby medical creams to address the skin irritation.
Scabies remedies typically involve local ointments and creams. They must be applied on the whole skin surface, not just within the regions that seem to be infested. One of the most common medical creams utilised in scabies treatments today are Permethrin and Malathion -
 These two chemicals are probably the most common form of scabies treatment, however there are two things people should be aware of, one is that these products may cause side effects in some people, things like headaches, rashes, itching etc., the other important fact is that they may not be effect as scabies are becoming resistant to these synthetic compounds.
Far better to use a natural product that has no documented side effects and that scabies have no reported resistance to.
A natural scabies treatment formula containing NZ Manuka and Tea Tree oils, in oil, cream and soaps has had great success in treating this parasite.

Natural treatment for Plantar Warts

How are Plantar Warts Contracted?
Do you ever feel like you are walking with a rock in your shoe? Does it hurt when you put weight on one of your feet? Warts that grow on your feet and hands grow inward instead of outward. A plantar wart is flat, has tiny dots on the inside, and is light in complexion, One or more plantar warts can grow at a time. Many plantar warts do not cause irritation, but some are quite painful.

Plantar wartsare caused by a virus that enters through cuts or scratches on the skin. Viruses thrive in warm we places like licker rooms and pool areas. Wearing sandals when possible will lower the risk of contraction. Usually, plantar warts will go away on their own, If plantar warts are not too painful, the best treatment is to not do anything.

If discomfort from plantar warts becomes too unmanageable, there are treatments. Salicyllic acid on the skin surface has proven successful at removing the ugly and sometimes painful wart. The salicylic acid is available in pharmacies. Salicyllic acid works by dissolving the callus that has developed over the wart, exposing the virus, and destroying it.
During treatment, apply the acid over the wart at night, and rub the softened callus off in the morning. In the daytime, put a circle shaped Band-Aid over the affected area for protection. If you have a vascular disease or are a diabetic, do not use this acid.
Another excellent product for treating plantar warts is NZ East Cape Manuka oil. This natural essential oil is both antiviral which will get rid of the warts, it is also antifungal, (several times more effective than tea tree oil) and antibacterial.
A lot of people have fungus infections between the toes accompanied by a strong smell and Manuka oil will treat the fungus, often referred to as Athletes Foot, and also take care of the smell which is caused by bacteria breaking down the fungal infected skin tissue.
So you have one product that will treat plantar warts, athletes foot and the charastic smell all in one.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Start Arthritis treatment early

Starting treatment with a disease-modifying drug for inflammatory arthritis very early after symptom onset helped prevent structural damage to the joints, a French observational study showed. In an unadjusted analysis, structural changes visible on x-rays were not significantly different among patients initiating treatment within three months compared with those starting later (1.2 units versus 1.6 units, P=0.37), according to Cédric Lukas, MD, of Lapeyronie Hospital in Montpellier, and colleagues.
Once the joint has become damaged due to Arthritis it is more difficult to recommend treatment options, so we also recommend early treatment of Arthritis with a high quality natural supplement such as NZ Velvet antler tablets containing natural IGF-1, glucosamine and chondroitin, if you would like to know more about the benefits of velvet antler, visit and download the free e-book 'Velvet Antler' by Alison Davidson

Seborrheic dermatitis cure

For those who are suffering from seborrheic dermatitis constant itchy and flaky skin that can even look like dandruff is not an uncommon symptom. This medical condition causes inflammatory, flaky skin that doesn’t look very attractive at all. It can be a rather embarrassing condition, but you do not have to be a victim and succumb to its charms. Instead, there are many different types of products on the market that will allow you to combat and treat the seborrheic dermatitis so that you will be able to enjoy better hair once again. -
You can treat it naturally with a seborrheic treatment pack containing New Zealand Manuka oil, cream and soap.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Smelly Hair Syndrome

Everyone has an occasional "bad hair day," but for those unfortunate people stricken with a condition known as "Smelly Hair Syndrome," a bad hair day can mean relationship problems, taunts from coworkers and even expulsion from school. Consider these examples:
"I wash my hair and by the middle of the day it has a sweaty, muggy smell ... I'm a sophomore in college, never had a boyfriend, never even kissed a guy, all because of this smelly demon that I have had to cope with since eighth grade." -- Corrin, the beauty brains forum.
"I go to work everyday because I have no choice, but my co-workers are very cruel to me because of the bad odor they smell coming from my head. They don't know how hard I try to take care of this problem." -- Sierra,  the beauty brains forum.
"An 8-year-old girl said she was removed from her classroom at a Seattle school because of the way her hair smelled. She has now missed a full week at Thurgood Marshall Elementary." - KIRO TV Report
 Smelly hair or scalp is caused by a fungus called Malassezia which appears on the skin as a result of excess levels of sebum oil production.
Malassezia in turn frequently results in Seborrheic dermatitis, also most commonly found on the scalp or the face.
A natural solution for Malassezia and Seborrheic dermatitis is the essential oil of NZ Manuka, this natural oil contains high levels of triketone compounds which have been shown in studies to control and eliminate the Malassezia fungus and prevent the onset of Seborrheic dermatitis,
Manuka oil comes in oil, cream and soap formulations combined to form a seborrheic dermatitis treatment pack

Ringworm treatment options

Are you looking for proven tactics to eliminate ringworm fast and avoid making it worse in time? A huge number of sufferers with ringworm that is visible on their body are needing to get an effective, fast treatment option. The problem with ringworm treatment on the market is that it contains dangerous and harsh compounds that effect people differently. One of the sad issues and concerns with tablets and lotions is that it ringworm will grow tolerance and immunity against the drugs that are made to kill it. A great way to get rid of ringworm effectively is to look for natural remedies and treatment options. -
A very successful natural ringworm treatment that can easily be applied at home is the proven NZ Manuka oil and cream formulations including diluted manuka oil, east cape manuka cream and manuka soap.
Together these natural products will control a ringworm infection quickly and safely without the need to use chemical treatments

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Crusted scabies treatment

Crusted scabies are more commonly called Norwegian scabies. This is a form of scabies that develops an intense level of infections involving the same parasite that brings about a regular scabies infestation. Norwegian scabies starts out exactly like normal scabies, with the same infectious parasitic actions and first stages of development. Where the road of development forks and Norwegian scabies goes off on its own path is if regular scabies is left unchecked to the point where the infection travels all through the body. -
Crusted scabies or Norwegian scabies can be treated with the same natural scabies treatment as normal or common scabies.
Formulas containing NZ Manuka oil and Tea Tree oil have been proven in university studies in Australia to control crusted scabies infestations.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Candidiasis treatment

Candida is a yeast-like fungus that can be found in the body tissues of most individuals. If your immunity system is not working well, it can cause a type of infection known as candidiasis. Maintaining a strong immune system is the best way to keep the Candida under control. Candidiasis typically occurs in the mouth, esophagus, and in the vagina. Mouth candidiasis is generally known as thrush and is characterized by creamy white lesions in the mouth and on the tongue. Patients with esophageal candidiasis may experience pain with swallowing, sore throat, nausea, and loss of appetite. The symptoms of vaginal candidiasis include a thick white colored discharge, burning sensation, and itching. -
Candidiasis infections can be treated safely and effectively at home with NZ Manuka oil, cream and soap. these natural products are available in a natural Candida/Vaginosis treatment pack they are very simple to apply and have achieved universal success. Here is what one of our customers said about these products:
I have had recurring Candidiasis and Vaginitis for many years and was keen to try something natural and different from the usual OTC creams which don’t provide lasting treatment. I can recommend your Manuka cream and oil which is just as effective as anything I have used in the past and this problem has not returned for several months! - Tracey Churchill, UK

Causes of Ringworm

The causes of ringworm may be listed as follows:
1. Skin to skin contact
2. Contact with contaminated articles
3. Unwashed clothing
4. Transmission through pets
5. Prolonged wetness of skin
6. Injury to skin and scalp
7. Excessive sweating
8. Lack of protective fatty acids (in case of scalp). -
Or it can be a combination of the above. There are a number of supposed 'home remedies' for Ringworm, but it is far more successfully treated with a product that is proven in scientific analysis to be effective in treating ringworm.
It doesn't need to be a pharmaceutical product, there are natural remedies for ringworm one of the best is with New Zealand Manuka oil which has had extensive studies and proven to control ringworm infections.
Available as a treatment pack of oil, cream and soap, these natural products will get rid of your ringworm infection

Natural Scabies Remedies

Maybe you’ve read somewhere that relying on incredibly toxic, medically prescribed medicines might be possibly detrimental to pregnant females and kids alike, and they’re also linked to severe conditions, such as nervous system illnesses and leukemia.So it’s not a shocker why you would like to opt for all-natural scabies remedies.
The very first safe scabies treatment would be to eat foods, such as garlic, which have anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic features and also boosts your immune system. Aside from this, it’s advised that you simply take vitamin and mineral supplements, such as Vitamin A, Zinc, Primrose Oil and Vitamin E.
Furthermore, it is possible to also rely on what is popularly called ‘wonder oil’, the tea tree oil, as a result of its antibacterial, restorative and antiseptic components. It is possible to avail of this by submerging your body in a bathtub partly filled with warm water and just about 20 drops of tea tree oil, and this may be completed up to twice every day for 20 minutes.
In addition, this scabies treatment could also center on seriously involved body areas by placing a soaked cotton wool pad that has 50% tea tree oil and 50% warm water. This successfully enters your skin to kill scabies parasites.
Last but not the least; it is crucial that you do not only kill scabies parasites in your body but also those that live on certain items like clothes, hairbrushes and soft toys. Bed linens and towels, for instance, must be repeatedly removed and washed, and they ought to be laundered in water with a hot temperature and then tumble-dried afterwards. - New Articles for You
 This is all good advice, however there is one qualification, some people are sensitive to Tea Tree oil in strong concentrations.
This is the reason our natural scabies treatment pack reduces the concentration of Tea Tree oil, and adds New Zealand Manuka oil, this is also a powerful natural acaricide and does not contain the volatile compounds that can cause skin sensitisation with Tea Tree oil.
These products have been highly successful in treating scabies and are produced in oil, cream and soap formulations

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Athletes Foot treatment

Athletes Foot (Tinea pedis), Armpit Fungus (Tinea axillae), Jock Itch (Tinea Cruris), Breast Fungus (Tinea mammae), yeast infections (Candidiasis) and Buttock Fungus are some of the typical types of fungal infections.
The most common of these is Athletes foot; the fact that people are more prone to skin breakdown to the feet is a key reasons for this. Socks and shoes also trap moisture in and around the toes.
Armpit Fungus is often related to the use of perfumes and deodorants/anti-perspirants, which causes the area to become irritated. Scratching the area only makes the situation worse and may become an entry point for infections in the breaks in the skin.
Fungal infections in the groin area are common in men; therefore this type is often referred to as “jock itch”. Tight fitting underwear, sports protective gear and again the hot weather are all factors contributing to this particular type of fungal infection.-
Fungal skin infections like Athletes Foot are able to be cured with natural products containing Manuka essential oil from New Zealand.
Manuka oil in pure form or diluted and cream containing Manuka oil applied twice daily will treat Athletes foot and jock itch and occasional applications will prevent these fungal infections from reappearing.
Athletes foot treatment packs can be purchased on-line and qualify for free shipping worldwide

Friday, 1 July 2011

Scabies caught from dogs?

Scabies can be identified by the physical appearance of pimple-like irritations in certain areas of the body. The severe itching at night is also significant in identifying scabies.
Scabies; sometimes referred to as itch mite; affects both young and old people from any social class across the world. Scabies infestations can be found in people regardless of their level of cleanliness and personal hygiene.
The mites that cause scabies are usually transferred by direct skin to skin contact. This may include sexual or non sexual contact. It is also possible to transfer scabies through contaminated clothes and beddings and also from objects. Scabies spreads quickly and easily in crowded places where many people come into contact with one another. Cramped unhygienic living conditions also encourage the contamination and spread of the scabies mite.
The scabies mite is present in dogs and is easily spread to humans through the close contact and constant handling of the pets. -
The last paragraph in this quote is not correct, scabies is not caught from dogs, they can carry scabies however it is a different species of scabies and they will not transfer successfully to humans.

The other indications of scabies infestation are correct and it is important to treat scabies before they spread to the rest of the family.
A very successful natural remedy for treating scabies is one made in NZ containing both tea tree oil and NZ Manuka oil. This unique combination of these two natural essential oils in oil blends, cream and soap can be purchased as a complete scabies treatment pack

Can you burn off athlete's foot?

I have athlete's foot and was wondering if I could burn it off? I tried doing it with a butane lighter but it wasnt working too well, and I noticed the athletes foot powder spray I've been using is flammable..If I were to cake the section of my foot with athletes foot with the spray and set it afire, could it effectively burn it out? - Yahoo Answers
We just had to comment on this one, this is the stupidest idea we have seen for some time.
Athletes Foot is a fungus infection which can be quite deeply embedded in the skin between the toes, on the soles of the feet and even under the nails.
Burning it will only result in burnt feet!
There is a simple and totally natural solution in the form of products containing New Zealand Manuka essential oil which has been proven in scientific studies to be one of the most powerful natural remedies for treating Athletes foot fungus.
It comes in a treatment pack containing oil, cream and soap all based on Manuka oil, with diligence this will clear an Athletes foot condition quite quickly.