Thursday, 23 June 2011

Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin disease which makes the skin greasy, flaky and scaly. Usually this disease affects the scalp area. It is also known as dandruff for adults and “cradle cap” for babies. Other than the scalp, it also affects in the other areas of the body as well like face skin, chest, arms, legs and also the groin. Experts also do not have the exact knowledge of the cause of this disease. Some experts believe that this disease is hereditary and runs in the family. - Angela,
A simple solution is the natural seborrheic dermatitis treatment pack containing Manuka soap, Manuka essential oil and Manuka honey cream. These products have proven to be very successful treating the malessizia fungus which causes seborrheic dermatitis, they are all natural products and have no side effects like some synthetic treatments.

Here is what one of our customers reported:
"Bill, these products work fantastic for me. I had a sort of seboheric ezcema in patches behind my ears I tried everything, nothing worked.
Untill I started searching internet for treatment and got on your website, ordered the product and started using it. First it disappeared, second it has never ever returned since. Gave it to my husband that has a recurrent fungal infection in circles inside arm and armpit, put it on, disappeared, never returned since. It's a miracle cure. I am going to give some of it now to my neighbours kids who have eczema."

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