Thursday, 23 June 2011

Scabies treatment for sensitive skin

The symptoms I have are small (sometimes red) bumps that itch badly. Most of them are on my inner thighs and run backward onto my buttocks, a few on my lower back and across my stomach, wrists, a few on my legs, and on the tops of my hands (some on the webbing between fingers). They itch badly, mostly in the evening or right when I wake up. I have been able to sleep through the night without medication or itch cream, but before bed and right when I wake up is the worst, and sometimes through the day. Some of the bumps - the first ones - are healing/have healed, but I still get new ones, sometimes many over one night.
Because I have very sensitive skinI do not want to use permethrin, and I've also heard from many people that scabies and other parasites have developed some immunity to this prescription so I decided to look for a homeopathic remedy. I found that certain oils like tea tree oil or in my case Neem oil, are effective combined with an eradiction method of the home. I read that scabies cannot live without a hose for more than 3 days, so to be safe I am staying away from my apartment for a whole week to let the parasites die off on their own so that I can go home and vacuum and launder my clothes/bed/furniture etc. -
This definitely sounds like scabies to me and for your sensitive skin you are on the right track with tea tree and neem oils, however a far better solution is New Zealand Manuka oil combined with Tea Tree oil, it is fast, effective and safe and will not cause your skin to rash, have a look at this scabies treatment pack

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