Thursday, 30 June 2011

Replace sugar with honey

ACT New Zealand warmly supports the proposal by Progressive Party Leader Jim Anderton to impose a levy on sugary soft drinks to help fund free dental care for all New Zealanders, says the Party’s Spokesman on Dodgy Beverages, Sir Roger Douglas.
“There’s no doubt the consumption of sugary soft drinks has reached crisis proportions. Mr Anderton is quite right in pointing to an epidemic of dental decay comparable to the Bubonic Plague.
“The incidence of obesity, diabetes, cancer, herpes and athlete’s foot is at an all-time high. The causal role of sugary soft drinks in these and all other diseases is incontrovertible. And I am a great believer in treating causes rather than symptoms,”Sir Roger enthuses.- Scoop Independent News NZ

Scientific evidence shows that sugar is a major contributor to poor health, obesity and tooth decay.
Sugar intake should be reduced and where a sweetener is used it should be in the form of honey.
New studies show that Manuka honey will reduce plaque and actually protect teeth from decay.
Manuka honey can be purchased in a range of antibacterial certification from Active Manuka honey right up to Manuka honey with a rating of UMF 20+

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