Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Natural Scabies Treatment

One common treatment prescribed for the treatment of it is Permethrin, a topical cream that is applied twice a day. It has a chemical that kills the mites and is approved for use in both children and adults.
Another treatment for scabies is Lindane; it comes in cream, lotion and shampoo. This particular treatment is not approved for children younger than two, pregnant women or individuals that may have a immune system that is weak.
For persons with a compromised immune system, or individuals that have tried the other treatments without success there is an oral medication called ivermectin. This is not FDA approved, but it has shown to be successful in the treatment.
Scabies can be a very annoying condition, the itching can wake you from sleep or prevent you from going to sleep and this can be rather frustrating, especially for children. - cureforscabies.info
However scientists are reporting that scabies are becoming more resistant to treatments like Permethrin and Lindane, even Ivermectin is subject to scabies resistance.There are much better all natural scabies cures available – which have been tested and proven to be effective with no recorded side effects.
A very successful natural scabies treatment includes the essential oils of New Zealand Manuka and Australian Tea Tree plants in cream, oil and soap formulations,

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