Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Natural Cancer Treatment

A sticky resin made by New Zealand bees could be used to fight cancer, according to a visiting researcher.

Professor Hiroshi Maruta says trials have shown New Zealand propolis can stop tumour growth and even make them disappear. But the claims have not been fully tested in clinical trials.
Professor Maruta has spent 20 years researching natural products for their cancer-fighting properties – he says this propolis resin made by Kiwi bees is potent.
“The tumours get smaller and after one month disappear,” he says.
Professor Maruta says propolis is already proven to halt tumour growth and he has found New Zealand propolis is five times as effective as that from any other country.
He started researching the ingredient after discovering bee-keepers suffered cancer at a fraction of the normal rate.
“Beekeepers are resistant to cancer by almost 1000 times. So there must be a very interesting secret,” he says.

But New Zealand propolis has not been verified in clinical trials. Professor Maruta has run tests on animals and a group of about 100 humans and he has also found that one in a 100 people have a mild allergic reaction. “Rather ironically I am allergic,” says the professor.
The Cancer Society says that propolis may have health benefits but anyone suffering from cancer should always see a specialist for advice before deciding on their treatment.

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