Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Athletes Foot remedy

So is going barefoot a happy part of a carefree summer or a great way to step on bee, get Athlete’s Foot and develop calluses? Is going barefoot old fashioned fun or something else? Do your kids head out to play barefoot or would you never allow it? Do you think flip flop popularity is cutting into barefoot time? – Theresa Walsh Giarrusso
I don't know where this came from, you will not catch Athlete's foot by going barefoot, actually quite the reverse. Athletes foot developes when the conditions of warmth, moisture and darkness prevail, exactly the conditions inside your shoes on a hot day. Sure it can be caught from public places like gyms, locker rooms, public swimming pool showers etc. but the best way to prevent it is to have your feet out in the air, sunshine and by keeping them dry. Flip flops are generally rubber or plastic compounds and the soles of the feet sweat in them so where possible don't wear anything on your feet in summer. Walking barefoot on a saltwater beach is the best thing possible.
If you do get Athletes foot it is able to be treated easily with completely natural products, creams and essential oil containing extracts of the New Zealand Manuka plant

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