Thursday, 30 June 2011

Replace sugar with honey

ACT New Zealand warmly supports the proposal by Progressive Party Leader Jim Anderton to impose a levy on sugary soft drinks to help fund free dental care for all New Zealanders, says the Party’s Spokesman on Dodgy Beverages, Sir Roger Douglas.
“There’s no doubt the consumption of sugary soft drinks has reached crisis proportions. Mr Anderton is quite right in pointing to an epidemic of dental decay comparable to the Bubonic Plague.
“The incidence of obesity, diabetes, cancer, herpes and athlete’s foot is at an all-time high. The causal role of sugary soft drinks in these and all other diseases is incontrovertible. And I am a great believer in treating causes rather than symptoms,”Sir Roger enthuses.- Scoop Independent News NZ

Scientific evidence shows that sugar is a major contributor to poor health, obesity and tooth decay.
Sugar intake should be reduced and where a sweetener is used it should be in the form of honey.
New studies show that Manuka honey will reduce plaque and actually protect teeth from decay.
Manuka honey can be purchased in a range of antibacterial certification from Active Manuka honey right up to Manuka honey with a rating of UMF 20+

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Breastfeeding reduces eczema

“There are lots of benefits to breastfeeding - not only is it a lovely way for you to be close to your baby but your milk also helps protect your child from infections.
“Breast milk can reduce the risk of your child getting allergic conditions such as eczema and asthma and reduce your risk of certain cancers and osteoporosis in later life.” - this is the westcountry news
There is no doubt that breastfeeding contributes to a healthy baby as breastmilk carries all the natural compounds required to enhance and develop a new babys immune system.
Once a baby has been weaned from breast milk they will carry the immunity for many years, if however they do develop eczema at a later stage, or do not have the good fortune to be fed breast milk, (Some mothers are not able to breast feed their babies for various reasons)
Then it may be necessary to find a solution for eczema in a young child.
One popular and natural solution is cream containing the wonderful New Zealand UMF Manuka honey. This Manuka honey has been receiving world-wide acclaim for a range of infections and skin problems and eczema is just one of them
Manuka honey comes in an eczema treatment pack which also includes Manuka soap and diluted manuka oil

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Warnings on antibacterial chemicals

The current mania over putting anti-bacterial chemicals in everything from cleaning wipes and hand soap to detergent and toothpaste has resulted in the widespread contamination of the environment with two related toxins often found in these products -- triclocarban (TCC) and triclosan.
Never mind that in lab studies these chemicals have been found to disrupt hormones, probably cause cancer and spur the growth of drug-resistant superbugs. The FDA seems to think it's fine and dandy that humans keep pumping these substances into our bodies through contact with skin, and flushing these toxins down the drain into the water table.
At the recent national meeting of the American Chemical Society held in Anaheim, California, scientists sounded yet another warning about the clear and present danger of the antibacterial ingredient TCC -- at least in the aquatic ecosystem. For the first time, scientists have evidence that this endocrine system disruptor is accumulating in fish. The animals encounter TCC as they swim in water that washes down drains and flows out of sewage treatment facilities into lakes and streams. - NaturalNews

These dangerous chemicals are not necessary in soaps and personal care products at all.
There are far better antibacterial options that are totally natural and whats more they are totally bio-degradable which means they will break down in nature and not polute our waterways or our food chain.
One remarkable and totally natural antimicrobial product is the essential oil of the New Zealand Manuka plant.
This oil is proven in studies to be very effective against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria and also to inhibit the growth of fungi that can infect the human body.
It is available at very low concentrations in a wonderful natural soap, as well as in creams effective in treating a wide range of bacteria related skin conditions

Natural Scabies Treatment

One common treatment prescribed for the treatment of it is Permethrin, a topical cream that is applied twice a day. It has a chemical that kills the mites and is approved for use in both children and adults.
Another treatment for scabies is Lindane; it comes in cream, lotion and shampoo. This particular treatment is not approved for children younger than two, pregnant women or individuals that may have a immune system that is weak.
For persons with a compromised immune system, or individuals that have tried the other treatments without success there is an oral medication called ivermectin. This is not FDA approved, but it has shown to be successful in the treatment.
Scabies can be a very annoying condition, the itching can wake you from sleep or prevent you from going to sleep and this can be rather frustrating, especially for children. -
However scientists are reporting that scabies are becoming more resistant to treatments like Permethrin and Lindane, even Ivermectin is subject to scabies resistance.There are much better all natural scabies cures available – which have been tested and proven to be effective with no recorded side effects.
A very successful natural scabies treatment includes the essential oils of New Zealand Manuka and Australian Tea Tree plants in cream, oil and soap formulations,

Natural Cancer Treatment

A sticky resin made by New Zealand bees could be used to fight cancer, according to a visiting researcher.

Professor Hiroshi Maruta says trials have shown New Zealand propolis can stop tumour growth and even make them disappear. But the claims have not been fully tested in clinical trials.
Professor Maruta has spent 20 years researching natural products for their cancer-fighting properties – he says this propolis resin made by Kiwi bees is potent.
“The tumours get smaller and after one month disappear,” he says.
Professor Maruta says propolis is already proven to halt tumour growth and he has found New Zealand propolis is five times as effective as that from any other country.
He started researching the ingredient after discovering bee-keepers suffered cancer at a fraction of the normal rate.
“Beekeepers are resistant to cancer by almost 1000 times. So there must be a very interesting secret,” he says.

But New Zealand propolis has not been verified in clinical trials. Professor Maruta has run tests on animals and a group of about 100 humans and he has also found that one in a 100 people have a mild allergic reaction. “Rather ironically I am allergic,” says the professor.
The Cancer Society says that propolis may have health benefits but anyone suffering from cancer should always see a specialist for advice before deciding on their treatment.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Hot Flashes treatment

Hot flashes are most often associated with menopause although there are other conditions that affect women’s hormones that can cause them. They affect about 75% of women going through menopause. Some women are able to tolerate these hot flashes better than others. For those who have more severe cases or are less tolerant there are some very affordable supplements that can help you. -

Hot flashes have been treated for years with Velvet Antler by women in Korea. In the West velvet antler is best known for its ability to relieve the symptoms of Arthritis and joint pain allowing people (and pets) to have a more active lifestyle.
However in the Orient where velvet antler has been considered to be one of the 'kingly' health supplements for over two thousand years, there are a much wider range of health benefits recorded.
One is to assist normal growth in children due to the natural content of the growth hormone IGF-1 in velvet antler and another very popular use is to assist women through the hormonal changes that take place during menopause.
Velvet antler tablets are produced sustainably in New Zealand and recommended as a very effective health tonic for a wide range of ailments.
More information is available in the free e-book "Velvet Antler - Natures Superior Tonic" by Alison Davidson

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Scabies natural remedy

One way of getting an effective Scabies Treatment is by undergoing natural treatment. This method entails the use of nothing but all natural materials derived from the organic and unadulterated earth products. The use of natural medicine has been the way of treating ailments eons ago, and its effectiveness is only rekindled today. It is not at all surprising why more and more people are now beginning to rely on natural products over highly synthetic ones. This is because many if not most of the drugs on the shelves of those pharmacies have one or more side and adverse effect. Who would want to be relieved with some symptom only to suffer another? Certainly none, and this is what natural cure for scabies is all about. It is about a safe remedy both for adults and kids and effective treatment modality. Natural cure for scabies may also be cheaper in price compared to the branded medications.-
 A highly effective natural scabies treatment is formulated with New Zealand Manuka essential oil combined with Tea Tree oil in a sweet almond oil base, this is complimented with Manuka soap and a cream containing Manuka and Tea Tree oils with lemon myrtle oil which gives it a very pleasant natural lemon aroma.
Treatment is fast, safe and effective with these products which are provided with a money back guarantee and free shipping worldwide.

Acne treatments and dangers

One extremely controversial treatment is Accutane. This prescription product has been used successfully for scarring cystic acne or acne that has not responded to other treatments. However, it has been associated with severe birth defects; dry eyes, mouth, lips, nose and skin; itching; nosebleeds; muscle aches; sun sensitivity; and poor night vision. It can increase levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, and affect liver enzymes as well. Some studies associate use of Accutane with depression and even suicide. - The Downey Patriot - Paging Dr Frischer Acne
We agree with this report completely, and recommend that in the first instance acne should be treated with the most natural treatment available to avoid the risks of serious side effects.
Manuka UMF honey is highly antibacterial and natural, it has been shown to be very effective in treating acne as has manuka oil, (both from the same plant which only grows in New Zealand) either in pure form or in a cream formulation.
An acne treatment pack featuring Manuka honey, soap and oil has achieved very good results

Athletes Foot

So is going barefoot a happy part of a carefree summer or a great way to step on bee, get Athlete’s Foot and develop calluses? Is going barefoot old fashioned fun or something else? Do your kids head out to play barefoot or would you never allow it? Do you think flip flop popularity is cutting into barefoot time?
– Theresa Walsh Giarrusso

Going barefoot will not contribute to contracting Athletes foot, in fact it will help to prevent it by helping the feet to be drier, and getting more air around the soles of the feet and between the toes.
The only time flip flops should be worn is when they go to public facilities like swimming pools etc. where they could pick up the Athletes foot fungus from a wet area where other people with the fungus have been walking.
Athletes foot fungus infections are fairly easy to treat with natural products an excellent one which has been proven over and over is one containing New Zealand Manuka oil in natural form and when included in creams and soaps

Ringworm caused by cat

A VIRULENT outbreak of ringworm has spread through a school in Madrid affecting 11 children and two teachers, according to the city health service.

The school has not been evacuated and parents are advised to send their children to school as usual but each day more children are found to be afflicted with the fungal infection that presents as ringed patches of red hives that can itch and weep when scratched. Authorities are investing allegations that the infection is being carried by a cat, a pet of one of the students. - Round Town News
It is highly likely that a stray cat could have introduced ringworm to these unfortunate school pupils, ringworm is commonly carried by cats and easily transferred to humans especially to children.
The safest way to treat ringworm is with a natural product containing the natural anti-fungal New Zealand Manuka plant essential oil in either a diluted oil or a cream and soap all of which are combined in this ringworm treatment pack

Friday, 24 June 2011

Application of Scabies treatment

Application of Scabies treatment does not solely involve the patient but its immediate community as well. Everyone in the household should receive treatment as well since scabies is highly contagious. There is no form of vaccine known to prevent infestation; rather mass treatment is opted in communities where scabies outbreak is recorded. Proper environment hygiene must also be practiced because mites can dwell in clothing.  Millions of people actually suffer from scabies around the world but with proper management it can be easily cured. Preventive approach also works best to stop the spread of scabies especially in crowded communities. -
Natural scabies treatment can be made by using natural easential oils, proven to be an effective scabies treatment.
A study carried out by Walton S.F., McKinnon M., Pizzutto S., Dougall A., Williams E., Currie B.J., at the Menzies School of Health in Darwin, Australia, found that 5% Tea Tree oil and active component terpinen-4-ol was highly effective in reducing Scabies mite survival times in vitro when compared with 5% permethrin (Lyclear) 25% benzyl benzoate (Ascabiol), 1% lindane (Quellada), and 100-8000 ng/g of ivermectin (Equimec).
They concluded "Documentation of resistance against antiectoparasitic compounds is increasing.

Natural scabies treatments based on these studies are a combination of New Zealand Manuka oil and Australian Tea Tree oil in blended oil, cream and soap formulations

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Anabolic Steroid Dangers

Anabolic steroid abuse has been associated with a wide range of adverse side effects, according to the National Institutes of Health, ranging from acne and breast development in men to heart attacks and liver cancer. - The Gainesville Sun

Young men seeking well developed bodies are far better to use Velvet Antler supplements as this is a completely natural product containing the insulin-like growth hormone IGF-1
Velvet antler produced from New Zealand red deer antler in the new growth stages is a recognised tonic that has been used in the orient for over two thousand years.
Velvet Antler capsules are produced in formulations for both arthritic conditions and for growth, stamina and rapid recovery from excersize

Scabies treatment for sensitive skin

The symptoms I have are small (sometimes red) bumps that itch badly. Most of them are on my inner thighs and run backward onto my buttocks, a few on my lower back and across my stomach, wrists, a few on my legs, and on the tops of my hands (some on the webbing between fingers). They itch badly, mostly in the evening or right when I wake up. I have been able to sleep through the night without medication or itch cream, but before bed and right when I wake up is the worst, and sometimes through the day. Some of the bumps - the first ones - are healing/have healed, but I still get new ones, sometimes many over one night.
Because I have very sensitive skinI do not want to use permethrin, and I've also heard from many people that scabies and other parasites have developed some immunity to this prescription so I decided to look for a homeopathic remedy. I found that certain oils like tea tree oil or in my case Neem oil, are effective combined with an eradiction method of the home. I read that scabies cannot live without a hose for more than 3 days, so to be safe I am staying away from my apartment for a whole week to let the parasites die off on their own so that I can go home and vacuum and launder my clothes/bed/furniture etc. -
This definitely sounds like scabies to me and for your sensitive skin you are on the right track with tea tree and neem oils, however a far better solution is New Zealand Manuka oil combined with Tea Tree oil, it is fast, effective and safe and will not cause your skin to rash, have a look at this scabies treatment pack

Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin disease which makes the skin greasy, flaky and scaly. Usually this disease affects the scalp area. It is also known as dandruff for adults and “cradle cap” for babies. Other than the scalp, it also affects in the other areas of the body as well like face skin, chest, arms, legs and also the groin. Experts also do not have the exact knowledge of the cause of this disease. Some experts believe that this disease is hereditary and runs in the family. - Angela,
A simple solution is the natural seborrheic dermatitis treatment pack containing Manuka soap, Manuka essential oil and Manuka honey cream. These products have proven to be very successful treating the malessizia fungus which causes seborrheic dermatitis, they are all natural products and have no side effects like some synthetic treatments.

Here is what one of our customers reported:
"Bill, these products work fantastic for me. I had a sort of seboheric ezcema in patches behind my ears I tried everything, nothing worked.
Untill I started searching internet for treatment and got on your website, ordered the product and started using it. First it disappeared, second it has never ever returned since. Gave it to my husband that has a recurrent fungal infection in circles inside arm and armpit, put it on, disappeared, never returned since. It's a miracle cure. I am going to give some of it now to my neighbours kids who have eczema."

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Athletes Foot remedy

So is going barefoot a happy part of a carefree summer or a great way to step on bee, get Athlete’s Foot and develop calluses? Is going barefoot old fashioned fun or something else? Do your kids head out to play barefoot or would you never allow it? Do you think flip flop popularity is cutting into barefoot time? – Theresa Walsh Giarrusso
I don't know where this came from, you will not catch Athlete's foot by going barefoot, actually quite the reverse. Athletes foot developes when the conditions of warmth, moisture and darkness prevail, exactly the conditions inside your shoes on a hot day. Sure it can be caught from public places like gyms, locker rooms, public swimming pool showers etc. but the best way to prevent it is to have your feet out in the air, sunshine and by keeping them dry. Flip flops are generally rubber or plastic compounds and the soles of the feet sweat in them so where possible don't wear anything on your feet in summer. Walking barefoot on a saltwater beach is the best thing possible.
If you do get Athletes foot it is able to be treated easily with completely natural products, creams and essential oil containing extracts of the New Zealand Manuka plant